This is my personal blog where I post pictures that I've taken.

Ciao, sono Izzy Piacere di conoscerti.

California bound(:

T a k e n ♥

Loves: tattoos, foxes, bunnies, hedgehogs, hats, bows, daisies, sunflowers, bracelets, music, photography, painting, optimism, the beach, Classic Vans, longboards, sunglasses, dresses, short-shorts, pullover sweaters, wearing guy clothes! <3

"Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday, but i realized some bigger dreams of mine"

Samantha-chaaan my Australian Shepard + Chihuahua mix.
Freckles :D
me and theordinaryalex (my boyfriend)
She loves me;)
Im the little baby :D
Toothless &lt;3
My little brother was terrified, ahaha. Crazy Mouse is my favorite fair ride :)
Del Mar Fair with my sister and brother
My little brother and my little baby cousin C:
Summer = Ice Cream! ;D  
Del Mar Fair 2014 ;)
God damn my bf is hot